Service to participation Text Message

Service to participation broadcasting

  • Real-time service that viewers can participate in votes, quizzes, and comments by sending a text message to # number designated for each broadcasting program.
  • Exclusive service to national terrestrial broadcasting, cable TV, IPTV, and radio broadcasting.
  • Anyone can participate in broadcasting programs by using mobile, even with no membership or verification process.
  • All age groups can join easily compared to the online channel where users are weighted towards young generation.
  • Mass data can be processed: 1 million messages per minute / 60 million per hour

Web event service

You can receive texts and images from all age groups through the designated #number and categorize them into votes, quizzes, and comments, then reply them. Due to such two-way communication, it can be used for both short-term and long-term campaign.

Mobile Ad Service

You can find IB’s advanced technology and service planning capability in this marketing service. We offer strategies to ensure the best marketing effect with various solutions connecting brands with consumers based on mobile and online platform which are much stronger than old marketing media including TV and newspapers. With new marketing trends reflected, including # number text message event using MO technology, mobile web, and SNS marketing, we provide a pleasant and fun experience for consumers beyond just sales management.

Service :


(Web Real-Time Communication)

As a real-time video, sound, and data transmission available on all mobile devices without a separate program like a plug-in or app, it has no delay and is being extended to various services throughout the world.

Service : vCall


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