Autonomous Vehicle Solution

Since 2009, we have been leading the Autonomous Vehicle control platform business based on our smart car solution technology. Not only that, we also plan to extend our self-driving control service to logistics, farming machines, and drone.

- Main Service: Autonomous Vehicle Platform Development

Smart Car Solution

iMotors develop In-Vehicle Infortainment software by incorporating IT technology into the vehicle, and recently we are developing Telematics which can be applied to the Connect car as a part of the 4th industrial revolution.

- Main Service: Car Infotainment(AVN, Android Auto, Car Play), Mobile Second Technology   development, Telematics

WePass (Computer Vision)

Joint development of Vision AI technology-based face recognition integration solution WePass through technical partnership with Sense Time, a global AI company with the world's best computer vision technology

- Key functions: AI face recognition, security certification, access notification, visitor management, mask wear detection and management, access heat detection and management, security access area management system

Augmented Reality

3D movement of objects recognized as simple 2D cameras through
AR technology that incorporates Computer Vision technology

We provide online non-face-to-face services by applying analyzed and extracted data.

- Main services: AR-based non-face-to-face class management/ online finance/payment

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