Messaging Service

With connection to customer’s system, you can send out any kinds of messages including notice, purchase information, and marketing. It is optional to choose the message transmission standard according to your system requirements such as installation type program connected to DB, Rest API, and HTTPS API, and we provide the best quality service regardless of method. 

Obtained ISMS(Information Security Management System) for the message system, we manage and operate data securely through rigid privacy policy system.

Service : www.ibizplus.co.kr

-  Main Service: Messaging service for corporate use, Global Messaging, m&SMS

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   Message Marketing Team, E-mail: bizplus@infobank.net


Kakaotalk Biz Message

With Kakao Talk, notifications, payment notices, and transaction details can be sent to the company's name (Kakao plus friend name), enabling friendly communication with customers at a slightly lower cost than text messages.

  • Kakaotalk Allimtalk

    You can send the message without spamming with the message Kakao Talk, including ordering, payment, and shipping.

  • Kakaotalk Consulting talk

          It provides an integrated solution to the customer center, which is usually operated by phone             counseling, through KakaoTalk Consulting talk.

  • Kakao Chatbot

         We provide Combination chatbot and consulting talk for 24-hour connectivity with customers.            Also Provides consulting and system design for smart and friendly chatbots.

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  Message Marketing Team, E-mail: talk@infobank.net


We also provide comprehensive solution to operate customer service center via Kakaotalk