Smartphone related service (financial sector Mobile SI&SM)

Based on a number of experiences for mobile SI building, we have succeeded in managing the project that was optimized for IT environments of financial sector.

- Main Service: Credit Card Messaging (SMS,LMS,MMS), Card Software (Service/Solution/SI), Discover  new business models in the financial sector

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Non-face-to-face financial service

By using electronic forms for any applications and contracts, you can write, distribute, save, and manage the document as well as viewing it via tablet and smart phone. In the case of making applications and contracts for more than one financial product, you can also proceed it through ID verification and Non-face-to-face name verification by multiple methods.

-  Main Serviceon-face-to-face financial service (GoodPaper)

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Service to participation broadcasting

  • Real-time service that viewers can participate in votes, quizzes, and comments by sending a text message to # number designated for each broadcasting program.
  • Exclusive service to national terrestrial broadcasting, cable TV, IPTV, and radio broadcasting.
  • Anyone can participate in broadcasting programs by using mobile, even with no membership or verification process.
  • All age groups can join easily compared to the online channel where users are weighted towards young generation.
  • Mass data can be processed: 1 million messages per minute / 60 million per hour

- Main Service : Voting for broadcasters, surveys, participation in events, etc.

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