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iAccel coordinates business cooperation between all external networks with six independent business units and existing investment partners within Infobank. Through such coordination and collaboration, we help IB and partner companies grow and create synergy.

 Investment began in 2012 and has 'approximately 120 investment portfolio companies'

 'TIPS operator' selected at the end of 2015 (44 TIPS selected teams out of investment portfolio)

 Completed registration as 'Excelator (Startup Planner)' by Small and Medium Business Venture Department in 2018.

  Completed the formation of 'Personal Investment Association No.1' worth 5 billion won in 2019

 Completed the formation of 'Personal Investment Association No.2' worth 6 billion won in 2020.

 Operate '600-pyeong Startup Support Center' on its own

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