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About us

As a first-generation venture company, Infobank has been leading the market as the first and largest KOSDAQ-listed company specializing in messaging services.

The Infobank, which was launched as a coalition of six independent management start-ups starting from the 20th anniversary of its foundation, has been established.

In line with its IB (InfoBank) mission, it is a startup growth partner that supports various Value-add programs as a senior founder and investor through innovation 

and collaboration for startups and partners.

It is a leading ICT company leading digital innovation and convergence, contributing to the development of IT in Korea.

IB = Union of iStartups

Since the 20th anniversary of its founding, Infobank has launched a startup alliance.

By operating an internal startup with six independent management systems, we are pursuing new businesses and open innovation 
with our start-up spirit with internal and external partners.


HQ, Union of iStartup, iAccel


Messaging service : SMS RCS, OTT Chat App Message,  Chatbot, Bizchat Solution, AI Contact Center


Autonomous Vehicle Solutions /  Smartcar Solutions(AVN / Telematics) / Two-way automatic text Messaging Parking lot Service


Management: IR, PR, IP, Finance, Accounting, Legal, HR

Investment: Incubation, Acceleration, TIPS, IB venture


Mobile financial services SI&SM, Goodpaper(Smart Contract)


Startup R&D Partnership, Interactive media service, #MO (Mobile communication) , Broadcast participation service.


Mobile Financial Services Development, Smart Service Operation,System Management, Information Security, Data Technology



Righteous company, group of people 
Conveying faith, hope, and love to IB family, shareholders, customers, partners and society.


A world in which one's mind is connected people
(Communication Gateway) + (Information Bank)


Voluntary Immersion Learning
Sustainable and ideal company being loved just like a university


IT SW venture business partners + startup group

iStartup Business

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12th Fl, Uspace1 A-dong, 660, Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea