Messaging service for corporate use
(financial sector)

Based on message sending system for financial sector, we provide short/long text message service and Kakaotalk-based messaging service(alarm talk, consulting talk, Chatbot) for corporate customers.

  • Solution for free: provide message sending module and API which are easy to install and connect.
  • Error alert: Automatically send an alarm when there is no transmission during the set period
  • Web sending page: Operate own site(Bizplus)
  • 080 Reject service(pay): Compulsory if sending commercial message
  • Max. capacity of simultaneous transmission: over 3.9 million per SMS standard time 

[ Usage ] Notice for deposit and withdrawal, transaction alarm, card approval, marketing message, promotion coupon offer, etc.

- Main Service: Messaging service for corporate use(financial sector) -  SMS/LMS/MMS/Global Messaging/Push Messaging, Kakaotalk Consulting talk , Kakaotalk  Allimtalk, Chatbot (financial sector)

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Two-way message service for corporate: MO Service / Mobile SI business)

MO Service / Mobile SI business

We provide two types of MO service like #particular number(#1234) and key number, and also offer mobile SI business for customer communication channel to serve the service models of financial companies.

[Usage] MO terminal verification through key number, filing insurance company evidential document, marketing purpose.

- Main Service: MO messaging/MO verification service using #special number and 15XX number(financial sector), Mobile SI business for customer communication channel(financial sector)


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