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About us

As a first-generation venture company, Infobank has been leading the market as the first and largest KOSDAQ-listed company specializing in messaging services.

The Infobank, which was launched as a coalition of six independent management start-ups starting from the 20th anniversary of its foundation, has been established.

In line with its IB (InfoBank) mission, it is a startup growth partner that supports various Value-add programs as a senior founder and investor through innovation 

and collaboration for startups and partners.

It is a leading ICT company leading digital innovation and convergence, contributing to the development of IT in Korea.

IB = Union of iStartups

Since the 20th anniversary of its founding, Infobank has launched a startup alliance.

By operating an internal startup with six independent management systems, we are pursuing new businesses and open innovation 
with our start-up spirit with internal and external partners.


HQ, Union of iStartup, iAccel


Messaging service : SMS RCS, OTT Chat App Message,  Chatbot, Bizchat Solution, AI Contact Center


Autonomous Vehicle Solutions /  Smartcar Solutions(AVN / Telematics) / Two-way automatic text Messaging Parking lot Service


Startup R&D Partnership, Interactive media service, Video Chat/Q&A Service, Fleet Management Service


Goodpaper(Smart Contract), #MO (Mobile communication)


Mobile Financial Services Development, Smart Service Operation,System Management, Information Security, Data Technology


Management: IR, PR, IP, Finance, Accounting, Legal, HR

Investment: Incubation, Acceleration, TIPS, IB venture



Righteous company, group of people 
Conveying faith, hope, and love to IB family, shareholders, customers, partners and society.


A world in which one's mind is connected people
(Communication Gateway) + (Information Bank)


Voluntary Immersion Learning
Sustainable and ideal company being loved just like a university


IT SW venture business partners + startup group

iStartup Business

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12th Fl, Uspace1 A-dong, 660, Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea