Messaging service for corporate use/ Global Messaging /
Kakaotalk Consulting talk / 

Kakaotalk Allimtalk / Chatbot

Web RTC (Vcall)  / 

Two-way message service 

(Event, Ad)

Service to participation Text Message

(broadcasting, Web event, Mobile Ad)

Autonomous Vehicle Platform /

Smart Car Solution /
Two-way automatic text messaging parking lot service

Non-face-to-face financial service / Smartphone Service (Mobile SI)

Messaging service for corporate use (financial sector)  / 

Kakaotalk Consulting talk / 

Kakaotalk Allimtalk / Chatbot 

(financial sector)
#Particular number MO Service /

 Key number MO Service

IT Service Management 

(IT Infra management, Cloud management, Information security Consulting, Security Training, Security Operation, Sales and settlement assistance, call center)

Investment / TIPS / 

IB Venture / Management strategy /

Startup Acceleration

Blockchain technology / 

Blockchain financial service